Sightseeing in Calicut

Kappad beach
If you are looking for a relaxing evening, Kappad beach would be an ideal choice. However, the waters here are a bit deep and it is safer not to venture out too much. The stretch of sand is not so wide but clean and lined with a canopy of coconut palms. The sight of the coconut palms silhouetted against the evening sky is bound to bring out the photographer in any tourist. Kappad also has a stone monument installed on the spot where Vasco Da Gama landed. 

Kozhikode beach
The beach might be a bit crowded in the evenings, but is well-worth a visit. A spot not to be missed here is the two piers which are reputed to be more than a century old. There is an aquarium, a towering light house as well as a lion’s park in the beach.    

Kozhikode planetarium 
The Kozhikode planetarium and the science centre attached to it can keep you occupied for a whole day with its range of games, puzzles and gadgets. If you are not interested in what is inside, you can take a walk around the park surrounding the area.  The planetarium conducts regular shows daily at 2, 4 and 6 PM.  

The Mananchira square is more or less the icon of Kozhikode. The royal chira (tank) originally belonged to King Mana Vikrama.   Today, there is a whole complex outside the tank in which there are buildings like the Commonwealth Trust Factory, Town Hall, Lalitakala Academy Hall, the Jama’atpalli Mosque, the Mucchandipalli Mosque, the Kuttichera tank etc. The Jama’atpalli Mosque is reputed to be the one with the largest floor area in Kerala.   The Kuttichera tank has the distinction of being holy to both Hindus and Muslims. The ‘Manamchira Maidanam’ or ground is still used today for various festivals. 

Sweet Meat Street (Midhayitheruvu)
The Midhayitheruvu is also a part of the identity of the city. As the name suggests, rows of shops displaying halwa (a sweet) of different colors-red, yellow, black and green and other sweetmeats can be found here, besides many others. 

The Pazhassi Raja Museum    
History buffs are bound to enjoy a visit to this museum which has on display prints of age-old murals, other antique artifacts and coins made of bronze, megalithic relics etc.  Nearby is the V.K. Krishna Menon art gallery, which showcases paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and Raja Raja Varma. Both the artists belonged to the Travancore royal family. The paintings, done in oil, depict scenes from the day to day life of the royal family, from Hindu mythology etc. The gallery also has on display a set of items which were used by V.K Krishna Menon, national leader and former Defense Minister.      

CVN Kalari Sangam
The centre, located at Nadakavu, is dedicated to one of the most spectacular of martial art forms of Kerala, Kalaripayattu.  The centre has produced some very famous Kalari exponents. Tourists can watch live demonstrations of the art, which involves the sword and supreme agility.     

The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary 
Bird lovers can have a blast at the Kadalundi Sanctuary, which is home to a host of local as well as migratory birds.   The feathered visitors include terns, gulls, herons, sandpipers and more.

Thusharagiri waterfalls 
The Thusharagiri Waterfalls is as beautiful as its name. Nearby the waterfall are plantations of spices, ginger and pepper. A drive through one of these is bound to be an exhilarating experience. The Peruvannamuzhi dam and its surrounding areas also make for a good picnic spot; fresh air, greenery, walks through the forests, you can have all this and more here. The best way to drink in the beauty around would be to take a slow boat cruise along the reservoir. The area also has a bird sanctuary and a crocodile farm. If you want to do something a bit more ‘wild,’ you can make a visit to one of the uninhabited islands here. Kakkayam also has a dam; the site around the dam is ideal for trekking and rock climbing.  

Kunjali Marakkar’s residence
Kunjali Murakkar was a naval captain of the kings of yore and is known for his valor. He led and won many battles against the Portuguese. Infuriated by his consistent victories, the Portuguese played a devious trick on him and had him beheaded in Goa. After the killing, they did something even more gruesome; they brought the head over to Kozhikode and displayed it on a pole. The house today contains the sword, cannon etc. used by Marakakar. 
Beypore was once one of the most prominent port and fishing centre of Kozhikode.  It was also a major ship building centre visited by merchants from all over the world. Even today, the boat building yard can be seen where Urus (Arabian trade vessel) are still manufactured. 

Mishkal Masjid
The Masjid, located at Kuttichira, is one of the oldest mosques in the whole of Kerala. The structure was originally a splendid affair, with four storeys supported by wooden pillars.   It was built by a trader named Mishkal, after whom it has been named. The mosque however was burned down by the Portugese; the only thing standing today is the charred remains.

Things To Do

•    Take a walk along the streets of Thekkeppuram, the western part of Kozhikode, which is not a tourist spot per se. The area is one of the oldest in the city; some of the houses here are nearly 500 years old. These houses are also simply huge, containing antique furniture and 30-40 rooms inside, each with a specific purpose. You might be able to learn more about traditional Kerala architecture, customs and traditions from one of these houses than from a museum.         
•    Drive along the road by the beach by the fishermen’s houses. The air will smell of fish, but the road is entirely traffic free; you can also watch the fishermen at their jobs with their nets. 
•    Watch the frolicking dolphins at dolphin’s point, near the Kozhikode beach. The sight of the dolphins jumping and playing about in the early morning sun is just wonderful.   
•    Take a houseboat cruise down the network of backwaters of the Kallai river and the Canoli Canal.
•    Watch the sunset from the bridge over the Kallai River. You can also catch glimpses of rafts passing by, made of timber logs tied together. 

Local Festivals
The month long Malabar Shopping Festival, very popular with tourists, is more or less modeled on the Dubai shopping festival. Besides the shopping, the festival offers a range of events like water sports, para-gliding, bungee jumping etc. There will also be performances of traditional dance, music and other art forms. A flower show, handicraft exhibition, a marine aquarium stall, film festival, and a food festival are some of the other attractions of the festival.   

Look out for the wafer-thin banana chips and halwa seasoned with dry fruits in Midhayitheruvu. Court road is the ideal destination for buying spices. If you are looking for souvenirs and knick knacks, head for the Chemnotti Theruvu which has a range of bell metal artifacts for sale.