Maldives Immigration and Emigration

It is understood that very recently Maldives Immigration and Emigration Department has mandated that any Foreign national (non- Maldivian passport holder), when leaving Maldives is required to carry an Exit Permit Form, duly signed by the employee's Sponsor. 
A lot of Indian expats working in Maldives travel on Air India flights, who are therefore required to carry Exit Permit Form each time they travel abroad. 
A person without the form can be stopped by the Immigration from boarding the flight. This can result not only in last minute No Shows but also in delay of flights if baggage etc. need to be off-loaded.  
The requirement of 
Exit Permit Form is only for the Employees working in Maldives and NOT for the dependents of the employee or for tourist or business visitors. 

A specimen copy of the Exit Permit Form as downloaded from the website of Immigration Department is enclosed.
It is therefore requested that when ever a ticket is issued for a non-Maldivian work permit holder, the passenger is duly briefed of the new requirement of Exit Permit form and a copy of the form handed over with the ticket.