Air Asia is Great Difficulty Moving

SINGAPORE: 155 passengers and aircraft reported missing Air Asia is great difficulty moving. In addition to the book value per share fell to 11 percentage number of passengers cancelling their ticket.
13 years service without any accident the airline was in good book of the passengers has totally changes in one day. Things are changing in one day and passengers are cancelling their confirmed tickets and the share marketing value has decreased 11%.
Air Asia, India is also one of the favorite services. 60 services a week to run the country and Air Asia. In addition, the domestic service with the announcement of Tata. There is concern that there is now facing a crisis in the Hellespont, Malaysian Airlines, and Air Asia.

MH 239 passengers and 370 aircraft are still missing and could not be found. The Russia-Ukraine border, MH 298 passengers, 17, was crushed by a rocket.  Malaysian Airlines, with heavy losses due to disasters.