Calicut / Kozhikode International Airport Shall Close Partially from May Onwards

Calicut / Kozhikode (CCJ) international airport shall be partially closed from May onward for the renovation of runway. After the research of central road research unit its been confirmed that the runway don't have the strength of landing 
big air crafts, aslo found 54 creaks as well.. Its planning to increase the thickness of runway almost 10 inches and to strengthen the landing part also. 

They are planning to closed it from 12 afternoon to 08 at night and the renovation works will going on these times. Biggest aircraft like 777 Boeing shall permit to land after six months only. Airline like Emirates are fully operating with biggest aircraft. These services may abort. 

Airline companies not responded yet for the decision to change their timing respective to this works going on.
People in Malabar region are fully depending to all the gulf sector from Calicut only. And the seasonal time like Jun - September would be the terrible time those who depending Calicut International Airport from all the Middle east region for coming on their summer vacation. This may affect badly with the insufficient seat availability when flights like Emirates with 300-400 seating capacity flights are not operating..

Calicut International Airport renovation