Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)

Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)

The universal solution to handling ancillary fees

An electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) is the new industry document type developed by IATA and ATA as the long-term solution for the collection and settlement of ancillary fees via ARC and BSPs. It's basically an e-ticket for optional services that airlines offer. Eventually EMDs will replace the remaining traditional paper documents (MCOs, tour orders, prepaid ticket advices).

Each EMD has its own number, and you may need multiple EMDs per ticket if you have more than one ancillary service-a checked bag and seat assignment, for example. When a flight coupon is considered used, all associated EMDs with that coupon will be considered used. That will be the default.

Once and agent issues an EMD, the transaction will come from the GDS into IAR in the same way as an e-ticket - even sharing the same screens. Currently agents cannot manually enter an EMD into IAR; however, this functionality will be offered in the future.

EMD transactions will be output to credit card companies with the data fields that exist today for an e-ticket. EMDs will also be output on the IAR Back Office System and will appear similar to e-tickets with the Reason for Issuance Code.

Just like an e-ticket, EMDs are subject to the rules of the issuing carrier for that particular service - for example, whether the EMD is refundable or not.

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