Has Canada really announced visa on arrival for Indian tourists wait and watch

Has Canada really announced 'visa on arrival' for Indian tourists? Don't pack your bags yet!

Those rejoicing about news of Indians getting visa on arrival in Canada, hold your horses and put your travel plans on hold.
This report here says that Canadian PM Stephen Harper has announced that Indians will be given visa on arrival in Canada. However, the news is yet to be confirmed. This report here by CBC News says that Canadian travelers would be given visa on arrival in India, but not the other way round.There’s no official confirmation of Canada opening up its doors for Indians with the liberal visa on arrival scheme.
This, please note, is different from a visa on arrival.There is no such scheme as a ‘visa on arrival’ scheme in India. The Union Home ministry has decided to rename the tourist visa-on-arrival scheme as 'e-tourist visa' scheme with effect from Wednesday.
The step was necessitated because foreign tourists, who took the scheme’s name literally, would fly into India on the assumption that they would be granted visa on arrival. The change in nomenclature was requested by some Indian embassies, the ministry said.
Under the current scheme, a foreign tourist is required to apply for a visa online by uploading his photograph and passport, and also paying his visa fee online. Following this, the visa authorities would process his application and send him an electronic travel authorization, or simply e-visa, via e-mail within 72 hours.
The visa on arrival scheme in other countries allows tourists to land and then get visa.
The e-tourist visa scheme can be availed by tourists from 44 countries landing at nine airports across India.